Author: Ed Sappin

How to Be Innovative When Starting Small

This article was originally posted on ScoreNYC Innovation is a key asset for any business. Both small and large enterprises can thrive by introducing inventive products to their sectors, benefiting customers, clients, and ultimately the economy at large. When it comes to innovation, big businesses usually take most of the praise for their ingenuity and strategy; after all, they can afford… Read more →

What Can Small Businesses Learn From Big Brands?

This article was originally posted on ScoreNYC   Photo by on Unsplash Small businesses and corporations have little to do with one another at first glance. The parable of David and Goliath quickly comes to mind: one side features a small, hungry upstart, while the other features an established legacy company with all the advantages — and consequently, everything to lose. In truth though, this… Read more →

When Do Humans Become Bionic?

  This article was originally posted on Sight for the blind, hearing for the deaf. A human body with functionality restored. That’s the promise of bionics, a field that sits at the intersection of engineering, nanotechnology, medicine, and other scientific disciplines. Bionics is the merger of electronics and technology with the human body, or in other words: robotic body parts. Bionics holds… Read more →

We need small players to help shape the future of AI

  Above: HP’s original garage has old oscilloscope products. Image Credit: Dean Takahashi This article was originally posted on Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Baidu, and other tech giants are leading the charge in developing and acquiring AI companies and talent. Many observers have expressed concern that the big players are dominating what will be one of the most important fields in technology.… Read more →

How AI could create a world of haves and have-nots

This article was originally posted on Artificial intelligence is all over the news, with tech titans arguing over whether it is a force for good or bad. An equally important question is whether AI will further stratify society, creating a world of haves and have-nots. AI is already impacting multiple industries and will take over many blue collar and white collar… Read more →

What’s Holding Back Healthcare Innovation in the 21st Century?

  Robotic Cyberknife At St. Marys Of Michigan This article was originally posted on The much heralded convergence of healthcare and technology innovation has led to some incremental advancements, but it has not quite yielded major breakthroughs. While many other industries have been upended by new developments in hardware, software, and procedures, the healthcare industry seems to be progressing at… Read more →

Cash & 4 Other Things That Are Obsolete

This article was originally posted on What do the typewriter, CDs, and cold, hard cash have in common? They are — or soon will be — anachronisms found in history museums. Why? Because new technology continues to rapidly revolutionize the way we interact with the world and how we use physical objects. Contemporary tech gadgets make our lives more convenient with improved communication, quicker… Read more →

What Are the Most Innovative Cities of 2017 So Far?

This article was originally posted on We live in an age of innovation, where the possibilities of sending humans to Mars, fundamental changes to our communications methods, emerging types of sentience, and our evolving relationships with money, both in business and recreation, are all undergoing advancements. Innovation continues to be a tremendously powerful force for good, especially when the disruptions… Read more →

How Small Businesses Can Capitalize On Tomorrow’s Mobile Innovations

This article was originally posted on ScoreNYC The maturing smartphone industry no longer excites customers as it once did — do you really get excited about a slightly larger display or more pixels on your phone camera? Given the familiarity with almost predictable annual upgrades, it’s no surprise that smartphones sales have stagnated. Against this backdrop small businesses have been very active — about 94% of themhave… Read more →

How AI and IoT must work together

This article was originally posted on As artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) become more commonplace, it is both useful and important to understand how these two important trends work together to benefit specialists and the average person alike. How can AI control and potentially improve the rollout of IoT? For starters, IoT creates a tremendous amount of data.… Read more →